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Spider Silk and Goats' Milk
Antithrombin III
A Vaccine for Malaria

Along with cloning and altering goats' genes comes controversy. Many people feel that if scientists can clone goats that humans are not far behind. This could be true since scientists feel the method that was used to clone Dolly the sheep and the goats could possibly work for humans. Right after it was announced that the first goats had been cloned people were calling for a ban on human cloning. There are also those who are worried about the welfare of the animals that are being used for testing and that carry the genes. There are people worried that the animals being used for the experiments will die or end up living in unnatural environments. One opposition to this argument is that the experimenting and the development of transgenetics could also find ways to help animals. Not only can treatments for humans be found but also for animals. Ultimately the testing could help animals as well as humans.


Human Cloning by the Dolly process from