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Antithrombin III


Spider Silk and Goats' Milk
Antithrombin III
A Vaccine for Malaria


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Who? Genzyme Transgenics

What? Genzyme Transgenics are able to produce the protein Antithrombin III using goats' milk.

Where? The goats are being raised on a 350-acre farm in Massachusetts.

When? They have been working with the protein for almost ten years now.

Why? Antithrombin III is a naturally occurring protein in human plasma that helps regulate blood clotting. Clinical trials are being done to see if it can be used on patients undergoing elective cardiac surgery who are heparin resistant. If it works, the protein could be very helpful for heart bypass surgery. They use goats because of their high milk yield, protein content, and short gestation and maturing periods.

How? They genetically altered a goat so it contained the protein by implanting the gene from the Antithrombin III protein into the goat's DNA. They then cloned the goat, ending up with three clones. The clones were then allowed to mate with other goats and the gene was passed to future generations and the protein, which was produced in the milk, was purified out of the milk to use for medical purposes.

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